Try These Easy Skin Care Tips That Dermatologists Follow


You wouldn’t trust a fitness instructor who was out of shape, would you?

When it comes to glowing and healthy skin, we thought it would be a good thing to take and follow the advice of the ones who have dedicated their lives to the workings of our skin and its complexities.

After all, dermatologists spend their entire work days analyzing skin and recommending products and treatments to others. They not only have the knowledge but the experience needed to give us the tips for effective skin care.

But, have you ever wondered which tips do the dermatologists follow themselves to get that flawless look despite their busy routines? We talked to some of the experts in the field and conjured up these top skin care tips just for you.

WARNING: These tips are so simple and easy to implement, that you might be shocked!

Stay protected

While they always seem to be insisting us, dermatologists themselves are very particular about staying protected from the sun. The harmful UV rays can squeeze the life out of our skin and this can leave us with dull wrinkled skin, toned unevenly. Using a sunscreen lotion with SPF value above 30 means that we have a protective layer on top of our skin when we go out.

A healthy breakfast

For nourishment, our skin needs a good amount of fatty acids and vitamins on daily basis. A healthy heart breakfast can keep it stocked up on all these nutrients for the whole day ahead.

Avoid stress

Stress can add years to your skin and cause wrinkles and skin problems. Following a routine which gives you enough time to distress your skin, even if is once a week, can do wonders for you. If you are going through a rough phase, it will help to indulge in some relaxing massages or yoga to take the edge off your skin.

Frozen vegetables for the eyes

As incredible as it may sound, a few frozen packs of vegetables like peas, corns, and some other small vegetables can do wonders for your skin especially the tired eyes at the end of the day. Make it a bedtime routine to place these packs on your face and eyelids every day. It will relax the top most layer and help prevent dark circles from appearing.Skip sodium and excess sugar

OK, we know you don’t want to hear this (we didn’t!), but we are supposed to avoid sugars at all costs, as it can break the collagen in the skin needed for firm elastic skin. And no, forget about Coke Zero too...while you are consuming diet soda to avoid all the sugars, you are in fact stocking your body with undue sodium, which leaves the eyes and jaws puffy.

So while that may sound a bit sucky, there are some options to stay hydrated...

Include green tea in your diet

We all are aware of the benefits of green tea with respect to weight loss, but little do we know that it contains many protective nutrients needed for keeping our skin healthy. Consume at least three to five cups a day for healthy skin.

You can mix it with Vodka too.

Well, OK, we just added that part 😉

Drink plenty of water

Water not only is needed for healthy skin but also to prevent skin breakouts and wrinkles. Stay hydrated all day long and feel a refreshing change in your skin within days.

These are just some of the many tips, which can help you get the skin you have always wanted.

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