The Skinny on Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel

As life happens and with of our busy routines, we are often not able to take care of our skin the way we should. It leads to accelerated-aging along with various other skin issues.

Chemical peels can help turn back the clock to give us another chance to take care of our skin that would leave them young and glow for years to come.

How exactly do chemical peels affect the skin?

Over the course of years, undue exposure to sun, pollution, and stress can have a huge impact on our skin. They leave our skin damaged, wrinkled and dull with no glow to it whatsoever. The acidic solution used in the chemical peels helps dissolve the topmost layer of the skin to reveal the healthier skin below.

For the time the peel is working on the skin, you might feel a bit of stinging and burning which is completely normal. Over the next few days, the skin peels and scales off to reveal the healthier baby layer underneath.

Depending on the condition of the skin, the health care providers can go for medium or deep chemical peels to bring out the maximum effect.

The deep peel, sometimes performed under anesthesia if need be, takes off several layers of the skin that address issues of wrinkles, scars and uneven skin tones.

Medium peels, on the other hand, take off a couple of layers and are a bit milder than the deep versions. They are safe for the neck, hands, and other areas of the skin.

While you can only have one deep peel in your life, you can have multiple medium peels as long as your doctor agrees to it.

What to expect after chemical peels?

Since the top layers are scaling, the skin would be oversensitive and prone to infections. Depending on the type of peel you have gone after, the doctor will require you to take certain precautions for safety purposes.·

After a medium peel, you will notice mild redness and swelling which will subside after a week. A deep peel will require bandaging and can take over three weeks to heal.

It is advised to stay indoors and away from sunlight during this healing period.· The face is soaked in water a couple of times during the day and has to stay covered with ointments to prevent scarring and scabbing.· Medication is prescribed to prevent infections from causing harm to the skin.

These peels are made from chemicals that hydrate and repair the skin. They help improve cell growth and bring back the natural youth.

Although a treatment will take no longer than 20 minutes, you always have the option of using the milder versions of these acidic peels, some of which are available online.

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